The Titan Drowns (New Atlantis, #6)The Titan Drowns by Nhys Glover
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The Titan Drowns New Atlantis series book 6 by Nhys Glover

This is book 6th in the series and I have not read the other books, although this book is not a standalone novel I was able to catch up quickly and understand it.

The story was detailed, complex and very enjoyable. It’s the story of how three couples find their soulmates in the river of time.

Eilish is a Retriever from New Atlantis a place far off in the distant future traveling back in time to save specific people that have been vetted and pre-approved and beloved able to assimilate in the new Atlantis culture and future.

Max is a barrister in 1912 London England, he is a very unhappily married man with a cheating wife and a successful law business, he is also set to die on the Titanic.

Eilish is like an automaton with very little emotion and no desire to have sex, so her instant attraction to Max is both welcome and unnerving. So now she has to convince him, she is from the future on a mission to retrieve him, and that he dies on the Titanic, all while they fall in love.
Marco is a Handsome young waiter accustomed to traveling at the drop of a hat. Having left home as a boy he learned the restaurant business and lived his life traveling Europe and working in restaurants starting from the bottom up. Being selected to wait on the Titanic was a dream come true, he was going to travel to the United States and roam the west like he always dreamed as a kid. Pia is a Retriever that specializes in children. She a willowy Swedish looking women who sort of fades into the background. When she meets Marco in passing on their way to board the Titanic, she is instantly attracted to him, as he is to her. Marco is not set for retrieval, is he her soulmate and can she take him back to her time?

Karl is a scientific researcher on mission to retrieve pregnant women. This is his first mission and he worried he will botch it up. He doesn’t think he has the qualifications to be on this mission. Lizzy is a governess in England who has been let go from the position after becoming with child, a child that is conceived through rape by the master of the house. His wife claims disbelief when Lizzy. tells her and lets her go. Having received a letter from her long lost brother in the United States with money and an offer to stay with him and his family. She accepts his offer, hastily makes up a story of being a pregnant widow and boards the Titanic. When she is stumbles and is helped by Karl there is an instant attraction between them and she is undecided about how she feels about that. So now Karl has to tell her he is from the future, that he loves her and ask her if she will come with him to the future, that is if she believes him.

There is so much more that happens but I can’t give it all away. This is definitely worth the read so much so that I am looking into the rest of the series.
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