The Trouble With Dating a Movie Star (The Red Carpet. #1)The Trouble With Dating a Movie Star by Z.N. Willett
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The Trouble with Dating a Movie Star (The Red Carpet #1) by Z.N. Willett

This book was well written with plenty of hot sex and contains a cliffhanger.
This is a great story I just simply loved it. This story contains tangled webs filled with lust, desire, jealousy and deceit. Andria is the Author A.P Moore. The moment she watched his movie she felt all tingly and new she would never forget him. She wrote her first book with Andrew in mind and it ended up a best seller.

Andrew Hughes is the most desired man in Hollywood was at the height of his career. You would think he would be stuck up or that he let the fame get to his head. He is far from what you except in an actor he is really down to earth that loves his family and friends. He tries to keep his private life that private.

The man who had everything soon realizes what Hollywood couldn’t give him everything. He soon realizes this with a chance meeting with Alexandria Moore that went horribly wrong.

With An invitation to a premier, offers a second chance and with it a Hollywood romance straight out of the pages of a book. We watch two people fall in love with a few bumps along the way.
Andria needs to decide if she is able to deal with the paparazzi daily intrusion into their lives, a crazy ex and both of their grueling schedules. But if she wants to be with Andrew then a few minor things shouldn’t stand in her way.

Can they make it work with all the obstacles thrown at them?

Ms. Willet’s characters are well developed with a solid plot line I also loved the secondary characters they helped make her main characters equally strong.
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