Things Liars FakeThings Liars Fake by Sara Ney
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Another Novella in the series, #threelittlelies, brings forth Two great characters to fall in love with, Dexter and Daphne, two people always alone till the find each other. A chance meeting, a fake date, and two people that have passion for each other though they try to fight it, you have a light, fast fun read.

Closest geek, Sci-Fi fanatic, and always alone Daphne, instantly is drawn to Dexter. Adorkable Dexter, appears to be what everyone calls, the dork, but beneath the glasses and suspenders, he is loving, amazing, and TOTALLY hot! When you get these two together you will love the banter of StarGate, Star Wars, and all things Sci-Fi leave you smiling. Add in a melding family, a set of determined twin sisters, and outrageous cousin. You have the perfect romantic comedy.

Sara Ney, draws you into her characters so wonderfully a third time in this great series. Daphne and Dexter both grow in so many areas, you see this relationship grow fast, but I wish I had a Little bit more detail, a little more time with two wonderful characters that drew me into the story. I love how Sara Ney draws us into the novellas with emails, texts, and social media. Love stories with a modern twist. This 4-star novella written in both Dexter and Daphne’s point of view will leave you happy, smiling, and wanting more. I know now, I won’t look at suspenders or glasses as geeky, you never know what’s under it all.
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