Torment (Dark Alpha #1)Torment by Alisa Woods
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Werewolves live amongst us and in Seattle the Red Pack rules. Jak owed his life to Gage Crittenden. He rescued and welcomed him into the Red Pack, got him through school then gave him a job at Red Wolf Inc. He was an alpha to be respected. Unfortunately, his brother Mace was not.

Jak would watch Arianna as the sun would shimmer on her brown hair and make her blue eyes shimmer. The way her jeans hugged her curves just so. Unfortunately, Arianna belonged to Mace, he already claimed her. The magical mating bond was for life, it was unbreakable.

The thought of Mace putting his hands on Arianna made Jak’s inner beast growl. Jak knew it was wrong to love Arianna, it was against pack rules. If Mace ever found out, there would be hell to pay.

Torment (Dark alpha 1) is a novel separated into seven mini novellas; Torment being the first in the series. The book ends before it has a chance to start, leaving me baffled and frustrated but the writing is good. If you’re looking for a short story, then it is perfect.
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