Touch, Taste, Feel: The Sovereign SeriesTouch, Taste, Feel: The Sovereign Series by B.J. Harvey
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Touch (Sovereign Part 1) By BJ Harvey
How would it feel to be on a flight from Seattle to Vegas with one of the hottest men you have ever laid eyes on? An impromptu vacation that has been arranged for Alyssa because her Mom’s boyfriend has requested her presents at a luncheon on Saturday. Gavin her Mom’s boyfriend is the owner of the Sovereign Hotel on the Vegas Strip. He has made all the arrangements from the airport. At first Alyssa wasn’t happy about the weekend vacation but then with all the stress at work she needed the time. What she didn’t need was foregoing the hot sex she was giving up with the man she had a, friends with benefits relationship with on occasion. He lives on one side of the country and she lives on the other. Long distance relationships are just too hard and everybody knows Mom always comes first. Thank goodness for the booze at the airport bar and on the plane. That is where Alyssa sees the desired filled gaze from the hottest guy ever. No hot blooded women could keep her eyes in her head when a man can wear a suit as he does. When he reached his seat two rows ahead of Alyssa he turned his head and smiled a cocky smile. Once in the air the games began. He sends her a drink and then calls to see if it was to her liking. The very sexual banter goes on during the flight until landing. That is where she loses the man named Mr. Matthews. Alyssa so wanted to play games with this sexy stranger! The car that is to pick her up takes her to the Sovereign Hotel. Alyssa realizes the man is all talk and no show.
Alyssa checks into her room and shortly there is a knock at her door, when she opens it on the floor is a tray with a black sealed envelope opening up to a black card with Alyssa on it. So maybe he is trying to play games after all. Can she trust this man? Is it safe to play with strangers? Only one way to find out, read Part 2. This book is well written and BJ Harvey has a true talent for making you want more.

BJ Harvey has written another rollercoaster ride. I like the fact that the characters are strong and keep you guessing. This part picks up with Alyssa running to a new hotel in hopes of Barrett not finding her until Aiden has time to run the background checks on Gavin her Mom’s new husband. Alyssa is so embarrassed that Barrett could have conned her. She now realized red flags should have gone up when he knew too much about her personal life. After all she is an independent, self sufficient thirty one year old woman. Lust and a hot man can make a woman do things she wouldn’t normally do. After settling into her room a nice hot bubble bath is just what she needs. She hears a knock at her door and then it turns into loud banging so she is pretty sure she knows who has found her. Rage makes her jerk open the door. Furious at Barrett’s betrayal she is determined to give him a piece of her mind. Alyssa begins by drilling questions at him for him to only tell her he can’t tell what she needs to hear. Even as mad at him as she is she just can’t resist the connection they have and soon things get out of control. How will Alyssa handle being in love with two men at once? To find out you will have to read part 3.

Wow everything in Alyssa world has been turned upside down. All of it is gone in a split second. Her Mother’s new husband has decided he can now take it all away from her because of his marriage to her Mom. How could one man be so conniving and underhanded? Barrett is now swearing he was trying to protect her by not telling her what was really going on, which she absolutely can’t understand. Alyssa wonders if Barrett has played her by getting her in his bed and then reporting back to Gavin her Mother’s new husband. When Aiden goes ballistic on Barrett she begins to wonder if the true love of her life has been in front of her all long. Once she is back with Aiden she realizes she feel safe and comfortable. Confusion sets in and again she needs to get away to clear her head. Her Mom won’t answer Alyssa’s text or return her calls she fears something has happened to her Mom. It is now time to take back what belongs to her. The one man she was convinced she could trust has betrayed her to the point of forgiveness is impossible. A huge incident has happened at her Mom’s home and all she can think is to get there and quick. She has been told no police or FBI or someone is going to die. Will she make it? Who will Alyssa end up in forever with? You will have to read part 3 to find out. BJ Harvey has written this with pulse racing emotion! I like books that make you feel the emotion going through the characters and this book does it!
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