Tough Justice: Exposed (Part 1 Of 8)Tough Justice: Exposed by Carla Cassidy
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If you are looking for a new crime drama series with murder, revenge, hidden demons, and the reemerging past, read this series. Tough Justice, Book 1, introduces the reader to Lara Grant, an FBI agent stuck in the middle of her nightmares. Her reassignment and move back to New York City was supposed to be safe after a yearlong undercover infiltration that took down a massive trafficking ring. Her first day on the job, her cover is blown and she’s staring at two murder case files.

Without a second to devise a plan, Lara is in the center of her past pain with seemingly no way out. The body count climbs in a matter of days, the evidence pointing to Morreti, the mastermind behind the covert operation she devised and ultimately, landed him in prison. Little clues begin to pop up, all leading back to one haunting piece of evidence, itching her. The trademark he left in her skin, showing up at crime scenes, can she be outed before she could come out of hiding? Lara spent a year in a safe house after the successful sting operation, but not everyone was arrested and convicted. Now, it looks like revenge is their latest operation.

Her first case she wasn’t supposed to be called on, blasts Lara in the news. But it’s another photo which terrifies her most, jeopardizing more innocent victims and raising the body count higher. All of her secrets are out and now people have to pay until she does, possibly with her own life.

The well written story of the investigation travels to every emotion in Lara’s head. Her safety is her smallest concern when another murder is discovered with eerie connections to her. The drama and case details are riveting, the dialogue is solid, and the characters are as well. She and her team, including new partner, Nick, race to solve the growing mystery around the trafficking boss they thought was done, behind bars, from hits and crime.
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