Unwanted GirlUnwanted Girl by M.K. Schiller
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Unwanted girl by MK Schiller
This is a story about love, survival, loss, and finding happiness. It is about the cruel things that happen in our world. It renews your faith in mankind, that there is hope and kindness in the world.

That’s the simple part of the book. Somewhere along the way friendship builds to a love so great you cannot put the book down. Everyone has secrets, everyone has a past. It is how we handle these that will tell our future. That is when things get complicated.

This book is a story in a story and has you hanging on the edge of your seat while you become part of the story. Shyla is a very shy, even timid girl. She always delivers Nick’s sandwich to him at 9 PM five days a week. They talk about the weather. This has been going on for over a year now. Shyla knows she is running out of time so she forms her plan to eat with Nick the next night.

Nick has his own set of problems. He is a successful writer and had hit a block. It seems no matter what he does he cannot escape the slump he is in. Nick Dorsey is a meth addict who struggles with his addiction and the consequences it has caused for him. Although Shyla and Nick come from very different worlds, they have loneliness in common and perhaps both of them a little broken.

On the next night Shyla invites herself in to eat with Nick. He is surprised she’s being so forward, he thought of her being timid. Shyla has a story to tell so they strike up a bargain. Shyla will tell the story and nick will write it for her. The story is about an unwanted baby girl found in the river in a box. The mother who finds her saves her from dying and takes her to the nun. Together they will raise the baby girl they named Asha.

This is her story and Shyla needs to tell it to finally be free from it. Shyla’s student visa will soon run out and so she needs to be finished with the book. The story takes on a new direction and the attraction between Shyla and Nick is growing daily and she does not want to hurt him because she will be leaving and also she does not want to hurt herself. So as they spend time together their bond grows stronger.

Nick figures out he is in love with Shyla and does not want to get hurt. “Cruelty can live and breathe and anyplace, but so can kindness. ”

“Emotion is the same no matter what language you write it in, in the end we are not so much the sum of our experiences but the journey of our souls and you cannot that.”

“It all comes down to who you are in your life and how you treat people. ”

The author did a great job at combining both stories. You are sucked into this from the start. I urge you to read this book you will thank me. I give this book 4.5 stars.
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