Violet Chain (Violet Chain #1)Violet Chain by J. Kahele
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Violet Chain (Violet Chain #1) by J. Kahele
This book was well written it had a lot of steamy sex, with cheating and some abuse it also ends in a cliff hanger.

I love a book that I can get lost in, from the first page until the end. A book that draws me in to the world of the characters, and Violet Chain did that to me. Ms. Kahele is a wonderful writer and I can’t wait to see what she has instore for us.

Violet caught her ex having a sex with a woman at their engagement party and walked out and Ms. Kahele shows us the reactions of a woman who has been betrayed by the man she loves the one she was supposed to spend the rest of her life with.

After their break-up, Violet meet’s the hot and devilishly gorgeous businessman playboy Chain Alexander who happens to be her best friend Callie’s boyfriend’s best friend.

The sexual tension between these two is instant and become apparent and they eventually hooked up. But as their sexual encounters become more frequent, Violet becomes confused whether she should trust a guy again and risk her heart or just leave everything purely sexual between her and Chain.

I liked watching their relationship work backwards from sex as strangers to a kind of shy, nervous friendship to being a couple.

Violet is extremely attracted to Chain, but so are a lot of other ladies. She Also knows about his reputation and figures, what the heck let’s have a little fun which is just what she needs to distract her, and that’s where it’s going to stop or so she thinks.

Chain Alexander is like a dream come true he has a sweet soul and a tender heart even with everything he has been through. Chain pursues violet at first for fun, that’s all until he falls hard. I loved reading this book.
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