WreckedWrecked by Jennifer Burrows
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Wrecked by Jennifer Burrows has just left me with a book hang over for the century. I mean I walked away for over an hour after finishing this book in one afternoon I might add to sit down to write this review with my heart still in my throat.

Cameron the lead singer of a successful rock band finds his life completely WRECKED. He has several ‘dreams’ in which he finds himself jumping from a moving train waking up feeling more confused each time. Cameron who believes he’s found his soul mate in Sarah from nearly the beginning of the book finds himself, hiding her, hand cuffed to hospital beds and abandoning his rock band family. This is where I stop with the tells as there are so many twists and turns that even if you think you have it figured out trust me you DON’T. This book is not for the faint of heart yet still a very good read. Very well written with perfect amount of angst. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone that likes an author who will send you on a dramatic roller coaster ride. Well done Jennifer Burrows.
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