A Merry Last Hangman Christmas (The Last Hangman MC, #4.1)A Merry Last Hangman Christmas by Muriel Garcia
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A Merry Last Hangman Christmas Novella by Muriel Garcia is a happy Christmas story about a couple of MC bikers and their women, their very crazy women! Ayden, Nicole, Charline, and Viv like to go all out (and then some) on Christmas and this year is no different, the men are dreading what the women will do to their new compound and with good reason since they spent hundreds of dollars on decorations alone! In the beginning i had trouble getting into the story since it covers such a large amount of time in a few short chapters. Other than some mild confusion this was a great read and i especially loved the ending, it was super dramatic and had me crying tears of joy at everyones happy ending! I love the togetherness and how every one is family it makes for a very happy setting! Ant, Jase, Aleck, and Gabe love their women very much and love to show them just how much! My two favorite characters are Nicole and Viv they both have their own Christmas miracles! Jase and Nicole are expecting their baby VERY soon, poor Nicole cant even get up by herself luckily she has a loving biker to take care of her! Viv and Gabe have been trying to get pregnant for a year with no luck and lately Gabe has been distant and short tempered with Viv and she doesn’t even know why! Gabe isn’t used to spending Christmas with anyone other than his sister Nicole, so now he has been a nervous wreck trying to plan the perfect Christmas for Viv. Viv and Gabe give each other the best Christmas and have a beautiful moment, though i won’t ruin it for anyone else! just know that Gabe is Amazing!

I liked this novella and would love to read the others stories to find out what happens next, mainly if Nicole is having a girl or boy! If you love Christmas stories or bikers then i recommend this novella its a great start to a MC series!
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