All We Have (Thirty-Eight Book 4)All We Have by Len Webster
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ALL WE HAVE is the fourth book in the Thirty Series written by Len Webster. It is the first book I have read by this author and can be read as a stand alone, but I don’t recommend it. I am definitely going to go back and catch up with the characters I have come to enjoy.

Robert Moors is working extremely hard and trying desperately to reach his dream and capture an Olympic gold medal in rowing. This dream was extra special because he promised this to his deceased mother. He thought that was all that mattered, that is until he met stunningly beautiful, Allison O’Connor, at his best friends rehearsal dinner. Rob knew at that very moment that she was special and would somehow complicate his life.

Allison O’Connor is an heiress, a millionaire, and an unwilling socialite for her parents business, O’Connor Investments. Her parents encourage her socialite behavior earning her an unwarranted reputation. This reputation would prove very detrimental to her health and also her love life. Allison is miserable and wants nothing more than to leave that life behind. Hopefully, with the help of her good friends, she will be able to move on from a world where people are fake and use each other for business and social opportunities.

Allison made a deal with her father that if she could make it on her own for six months, she would be released from her obligations to O’Connor Investments. She has a life threatening illness that no one, except Serge, her bodyguard, knows about, and this deal could threaten her life.

Allison returns to Melbourne to live with her friends, Stevie Appleton, and Julian Moors. And it just so happens that Julian is Rob’s younger brother. Allison is so sweet and beautiful and Rob can’t stay away. Their relationship is very complicated. Rob’s aspirations of a gold medal threaten to keep him from exploring a relationship with Allison. His rowing coach and manager warn him that Allison’s reputation could keep him from being chosen for the Olympics, so he tries to stay away.

“I’ve worked so hard for the Olympics and nothing would have made me want to give that up…until I met her. It’s scary Noel. It’s scary how much I want to give up my dreams to be with her. How much I want to give up everything to have her.”

Will Ron and Allison be able to overcome the obstacles that threaten their relationship? Will they be able to have it all?
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