Be Careful What You Witch ForBe Careful What You Witch For by Thomas Hoobler
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This was a good book but I am biased and like most things “witchy”. Olivia is the daughter of two famous parents who are on location filming and Olivia cannot accompany them. So she goes to stay with her mom’s sister. Her aunt Tilda is a bit eccentric but she wants to get to know her. Plus, the idea of getting to be a normal kid is very appealing to her. Attending school, she takes on aunt Tilda’s last name to hopefully avoid being recognized. Olivia starts thinking something is going on when her aunts cat Julius starts following her around and staring at her and when her aunt knows what she’s thinking without saying anything. She wonders into her Aunts library and an old strange book of spells literally falls into her hand. She doesn’t understand anything in the book so Alex (the cute not very smart boy she cast a spell on to make him like her) start trying to figure it out. Meanwhile at school Olivia makes enemies with the most popular girl at school and Alex’s ex-girlfriend Madison. Olivia and Alex spend a lot of time together and Alex figures out how
To decode the book. After a lot of visits and little spells with Eva the 800-year-old witch that lives down the street Olivia starts trying things on her own. The beginning is ok and nothing too major and then she tries stuff she shouldn’t and all heck breaks loose! After she goes for help her Aunt Tilda and Eva decide she needs to properly be trained. The book is left open for a part two. I actually hope the author Decides to continue on because it would be interesting to see Olivia continue on with her shenanigans and training. It was a very short book and only 118 pages. So it was very easy to read quickly. The author has a lot of promise and talent.
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