Behind the Door (Part 1)Behind the Door by M. Clarke
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Behind The Door By M. Clarke
5 panty melting stars

Abby Simmons comes home from a long day at work thinking her live in boyfriend may ask her to marry him that day. Instead, she walked in to find him packing a suitcase and he’s moving out.

Abby was a lawyer with Murphy, Sullivan and Brown. She worked her butt off. People started noticing she looked different…sad. Rumors at the office started quickly of her break up. Grayson Murphy has always wanted to get with Abby but, she was in a committed relationship.
Finally her good friend Roman mentioned a place called “Paradise” and told Abby she should go there and have a
Massage. She had no idea what it really was about but ended up going but she had to wear a blindfold and they weren’t allowed to talk to each other. She didn’t really understand why. Abby started with the Red Door…her session master gave her the best massage she ever had. It got her body tingling and then her session master she named as Mr Hands was all she thought about. She went back to paradise a few times and each time she was touched and pleased more.

Finally she agreed to go on a date with Grayson Murphy. Things went well till the end of the night. She ended up threatening him with a sexual harassment suit if he didn’t leave her alone.

Then there was James Brooks…..Abby thought he was cold and distant. He never really spoke to her and she just thought he didn’t like her. They were becoming friendly now and Abby even told him about Paradise. He told her he thought it was good for her and she decided she would keep going.
James and Abby ended up going on a date and had a great time. After the date James was acting cold and Abby was wondering why he was acting so different at work then he was the previous night on their date.

It turns out James always had the hots for Abby but since he met her she was in a relationship so he never acted on it. Now that she is single, he would love to make her his.

Abby can’t seem to stop going to Paradise and one of the last times she goes, she visits the purple room and her session master actually whispers something in her ear. “Are you ready for more of me, Abby?” She swears she knows that voice but maybe she is wrong

This was such a great book and was long so it didn’t end to fast which I liked.

Favorite quote!!
“Maybe if you hadn’t been chewing on my c!it like it was hamburger meat, I might have actually come.”
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