Break EvenBreak Even by Lisa De Jong
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I will be the first to admit that I’d heard great things about Break Even, by Lisa DeJong. So I was beyond excited to have the opportunity to read and review this incredible 5 star masterpiece. I mean, that’s what it was. I went into this book the first few chapters thinking okay, she’s clearly in an unhappy, and unfulfilling marriage. I figured that I had a general idea of what was coming…and it was set behind fantastic writing and mind blowing, crazy hot sex. Sounds perfect, so I’m settling in and ready to go. Little did I know that some insane and out of nowhere left turns were headed my way. The lead characters, Marley and River have so much depth and steamy chemistry. Then we have the apparently checked out and selfish husband Cole. But as I quickly discovered as I plowed through this tale…every single thing that you think you know– well just toss it out and prepare to reevaluate because nothing, not a SINGLE THING is as it seems.

At its core, this one is all that it appears to be. It’s sexy, it’s emotional, and there’s an incredible storyline hidden inside the twists and turns that make this such a crazy ride. Marley is currently married to Cole. They have been together for 11 years but the last few it seems that Cole is about only two things- himself and his job. Marley has been quietly putting up with it but she’s reaching her limit. She has been trying to tell him that he cuts her off during sex and that she’s sick of it. Cole won’t stop working and stick around long enough to listen though. He is far too busy to care and informs her that he’s left a client sitting in her office… it never even occurs to him that she might not have time to deal with this right then. He’s made it her problem…and the high maintenance client she finds in her office is the super sexy River. If you think you know where this story is headed…you would likely be wrong- dead wrong.

Cole is busy and Marley is lonely…and working with River most certainly wakes Marley up. She had forgotten what fun felt like. Passion quite literally was a foreign word to her…but you’d better believe River intends to school her. That being said, I mentioned that this story takes some insane turns. River has a past and that life had some ugly moments. Those moments were shared with someone they both have in common and they factor in to her life as it currently stands. This ride is draining at times but always engaging and it made taking any breaks reading this one quite literally impossible. I wound up truly loving River and rooting for them to get through the mess they were buried in. This book is so truly worth all of the incredible reviews it has received. Yet another author that has made me a life long fan.
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