Broken Road (Breaking Black, #2)Broken Road by Addison Kline
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Who killed Tom “Black horse” McClain?? That seems to be the question on book 2 of Addison Kline’s Breaking Black Series ” Broken Road”.
Jimmy McClain has 3 goals:
1. Avenge black horse
2. Kill Colt McClain and Randy Ford
3. Make Averi his
After watching his father black horse get murdered Jimmy decides then and there he will get revenge on everyone and finally claim what has always been his. Averi. Only there is one problem with that, Averi is pregnant with her husband (Jimmy’s half-brother) Colts baby. If she wasn’t pregnant she would probably knock Jimmy out herself because she has never and will never be with him. During book two complete chaos takes place in Oakeley. Will Colt, Randy, Tim, uncle Shawn, Shelly and Averi be enough to protect their family and home. Or will Jimmy and his newly found president status of the notorious motor cycle gang the Seventy Devils. This story is a mixture of past and present it tells you a lot about Colt and Averi growing up and Randy and his high school girlfriend Cheyenne. Cheyenne also happens to be in deep with the Seventy Devils since her mom is a hang around and is married to one. Cheyenne and Randy have a long history where they would both like to be happy with each other again but can they overcome their difficult past? Can Randy look past the wrong doings Cheyenne did or will she continue with addiction and fail any chance at happiness…. Will Trent allow her to move on or will he continue to take advantage of her and force feed her the drugs she doesn’t want…. Can the Ford/ McClain family finally settle down and just be a family without the threat of Jimmy or the Seventy Devils out to kill them or kidnap Averi, or is it too late. And finally who will gain possession of black horses’ estate once his will is released including the property that the seventy devils use as their base of operation and club house. Will the warn between the Seventy devils and Oakeley finally be over or is it the start of a new reign of terror…
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