Carnal Risk (Club Altura, #1)Carnal Risk by Kym Grosso
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Carnal Risk by Kym Grosso is a rollercoaster ride between CEO billionaire Garrett Emerson and technology specialist Selby Reynolds.

Selby, hardworking and good at her job, she enjoys her quiet life. Her singing is her outlet, where she can be who she wants to be, where her fears are pushed aside.

Garrett, loves taking risks when it comes to his private life, he works harder but plays harder. Selby is his complete opposite. She is confident in her working abilities, can hold her own in a male dominated boardroom, but outside of her comfort zone she panics.

Garrett and Selby are pushed into a working relationship by mutual friend, Lars, following the death of Garrett’s CTO and long-time friend Evan, they get more than they bargained for. Garrett tries to keep Selby at arm’s length, after hearing warnings from Lars about how ‘she is not like them’, unfortunately the playboy billionaire has problems following his advice.

Selby, dragged into a world totally foreign to her, tries to prove herself to not only Garrett but his board too. Realising that she needs to not only ‘talk the talk’, she needs to prove that she can let go enough to understand what motivates everyone at Emerson Industries and Garrett is only too happy to be the one to help her find what she has hidden below the surface.

You only get to find out small pieces of the pairs background along the way, just enough to figure out how they have got to be who and what they are, just enough to tease the reader without giving too much away. The whole story is beautifully written in the sense that it doesn’t overload with irrelevant information whilst giving the reader exactly what they need. The introduction of two obviously opposite personalities, their merging and investigating of new experiences has been done in a really tasteful way making reading on a must. Watching Selby break out of her shell and blossom was a pleasure. Kym Grosso has certainly nailed her characters, you are able to draw into their world as if right there beside them, and it was a definite pleasure to read.

The end is left in such a way that you could read as a standalone, or read on to find out Lars story, which is to be released in 2016.
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