Coming Together (Others of Seattle, #5)Coming Together by Brandy L. Rivers
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Coming Together by Brandy Rivers (other series book 5)

Let me start by saying I have not read books 1-4 of the Other Series by Brandy Rivers, this is not because of disinterest, I just had not came across the series before. I wish I had. I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars. Brandy rivers has a strong steady story line that was easy to follow for me not having read the previous books.

This book is about shifters/others (dragons, demons, vampires, large cats, witches etc.) and takes place in NYC. Jacqueline (Jackie) has always been best friends with Eddie they grew up together as best friends until her parents were killed then she went to live with Eddie and his parents because they were already so close at the time and considered each other family. Because of this however they both grew up feeling like they had to hide their attraction to each other, you shouldn’t be attracted to family, you protect family. So fast forward until they are older and roommates, Jackie having to endure watching Eddie go through numerous women until he meets Kim who quickly becomes a good friend to both. Just when Eddie decided he needs to move on and become serious with Kim, a string of murders starts happening around them.

Stefano has had a long hard past as another. His wife is murdered long ago and he comes across Jackie who looks just like he deceased wife and becomes instantly infatuated. He begins following Jackie around observing but not making contact, shows up at her work stares until she notices him and then disappears. One night while following Jackie she gets attacked in Central Park she manages to fight off her attackers and use her powers to flee but it gives Stefano the motivation to become more then a side spectator in Jackie’s life.

One early morning while going to pick up her father at the airport Kim becomes the next victim of deadly attacks. Eddie does not handle it like he thought he would and realizes that while he loved Kim it he could live without her and not be devastated but would he feel that way about Jackie or is it just the push he needs to make her his? This book is filled with a lot of steamy sex, fighting, vulgar language but is a great read if you don’t mind all the above.
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