Crossroads (Crossroads Saga, #1)Crossroads by Mary Ting
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Crossroads by Mary Ting is a 3 star read for any young teen. The story never digs too deep and has a nice flow that is easy for the younger readers to follow. It may say young adult, but even the battle scenes are far from graphic. However this is a great set up to the series and is full of first love and wonderful values…such as friendship, loyalty, faith, and family.

Crossroads is a story about a young girl and her journey into the world of angels. Her name is Claudia Emerson and her dreams start to send her into this crazy world she knows nothing of. She has the chance to see the most handsome man on the other side of her dream world before being sent back by his cranky self. As time goes on we discover that the world she is going to is Crossroads and it is full of different kinds of angels. She learns about all the different kinds and that the cranky one who pushed her away is Michael.

When one of the angels touches Claudia she is marked and Michael’s new job is to protect her when she returns home….something he doesn’t seem to look forward to. But the two are truly star crossed…he is forbidden from having human emotions and she is a simple human girl who now had the fallen angels looking for her. Michael has been watching her and falling for her a little more every time he saw her. When she returns home life tries to go on being normal, but she has seen a whole world that is special and beautiful…and is home to her hunky angel protector. Quickly things keep getting worse and not only is she losing people she cares about, but the fallen angels are trying everything to get her.

Can she be more than the young girl who crossed over into the land of angels? Why else would the bad guys be trying to hard to snatch her up? Can the good guys keep her safe when the bad side always plays dirty?
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