DefenselessDefenseless by Corinne Michaels
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Defenseless by Corinne Michaels
“Our Love is True and Honest, and True Love doesn’t fail, it Triumphs!”
This book is Exciting, explosive, dangerous, and funny. Its full of Sexual Chemistry and snappy come backs. There are turns and twists and hidden dangers that you don’t know are there, and you are sitting on the edge of your seat.

You think you have it figured out and Bam it changes direction.

The author did a great job at keeping you guessing.

Charlie: She is a CIA operative and her job is her life. Charlie is strong, confident, pig-headed and a force to be reckoned with. She is the female version of a GI Joe. She gives as good as she gets. But she works in a man’s world. She struggles to find a place to show her famine side without being perceived as weak.

Mark: Alfa male in every sense of the word. He is funny, sarcastic, sexy and just as pig-headed as Charlie. He is an enigma. He is very protective of his friends in his circle.
Charlie is working undercover trying to locate the terrorist who is responsible for her father’s death. The first time Charlie and Mark meet fireworks explode.

I stand there staring, unable to form a coherent thought. This is the CIA Op? This five foot four drop dead gorgeous woman? No wonder she gets information. I’d sell my soul if she asked. I’ve never reacted to anyone like this before. I want her, any man would, but I want to own her. The need to protect her calls from deep within. What is happening to me!

They throw each other off balance and both of them like control. After a year of problems still happening with missing shipments and missed check-ins, they decide to work together. Mark and Charlie have to keep a check on their attraction at work and in the field. They both realize how dangerous things are getting when Charlie is drugged at her mother’s function. Mark is constantly trying to figure out her name. Charlie’s name is scared to her and the only piece of herself she has never given to anyone.

Charlie finds herself in real danger and her family threatened if she does not hand over her father’s file. The director knows she has it and will do anything to get it. She pushes Mark away in order to keep him safe.

Mark knows from the first time he saw Charlie, he could see building a life with her, he just needs to earn her trust first. I’m crazy about you Charlie. I can’t explain it. It’s ridiculous because half of the time I don’t even like you. He keeps telling her they will happen.

As they fall harder for each other, will it be too late? How far would you go for the love of your life? Will they be able to overcome all their obstacles, or can love really Conquer all things?
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