Desired & Dominated (Enchanted, #3)Desired & Dominated by Eva Simone
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This book has hot amazing BDSM sex and was well written.

Desired & dominated is by far my favorite BDSM book this year. This book had so much raw emotion in it I didn’t know how to feel. The love and selflessness from Nate, the desire and need to feel dominated from Sofia, the love, passion, heartache all tore at my heart strings.
The characters are amazing and well developed. The story line is outstanding the way Eva brought these characters to life. This is a beautiful story of struggle, tragedy, passion and love.

Can Nate and Sofia overcome all the obstacles in their lives? Will their family and friends accept them as a couple?

Nate is a DOM, in every sense of the word and he desires one woman, his best friend’s sister Sofia, the woman he can never have. He has become a womanizer, only to take his mind away from the need for Sofia.

Sophia is a true submissive who has been in love with Nate her brother’s best friend since the minute they met, but has kept her feelings hidden.

Nate is also known as Master Callaghan in the BDSM and would never want to introduce Sofia to the lifestyle; he perceives as his dirty little secret and that if his secret came out he would lose his friends.

But what happens when Sofia holds the key that could change everything?

There were parts in this book when I felt so much sadness and I cried my eyes out wishing for a different outcome. Or felt joy when things changed. But to see someone struggle so much and not being able to fix them with your love is the hardest thing to accept for most.

But, I have to say that my hubby really benefitted from some of the scenes in this book….LOL…. Overall, I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone that enjoys an against all odds love story…..
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