Determinism: Cara and Abel's Story (Life. Destiny. Fate., #2)Determinism: Cara and Abel’s Story by L.K. Collins
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DETERMINISM is the second book in the Life, Destiny, Fate series by L. K. Collins. It is a great continuation from book one in the series. It can be read as a standalone, but don’t make that mistake. I am so happy that she gave Abel and Cara their own story. They are such strong and interesting characters and you will fall in love them instantly.

DETERMINISM is Abel and Cara’s steamy love story.

Cara Savannah is Alexa’s roommate, best friend and hardworking nurse. She has been burned so many times by love in the past that she has sworn off relationships and thrown herself into her work. She is an extremely dedicated nurse who goes the extra mile for her patients and adored by everyone. Cara has one weakness – bad boys! She always seems to fall for the wrong guy, especially tattooed ones. Therefore, she has learned to guard her heart. So when she meets Abel, Vincent’s brother, he possesses all the traits she wants to avoid, and she is so determined not to fall for him. She has a long, grueling battle ahead, because Abel is on a personal mission to win her love! She is also as attracted to him as he is to her, but she does a great job of masking it, and that only fuels the fire more.

Abel Mikeski is an amazingly handsome, extremely hot, dangerously sexy, tattooed, firefighter. He is pretty much your typical playboy – not looking for anything permanent in a relationship. He also had a disturbing past with relationships. That is, until he meets Cara, who immediately sparks his interest. He fell for her the first time he saw her. There was something about Cara that intrigued him, and he knew she was different from all the others. His work is cut out for him. Cara is determined not to fall for him and risk him breaking her heart. Abel is patient and unwavering in his pursuit of Cara.

Will they get their happily ever after? Will Cara be able to fight the passion that is so overwhelming between them? Will Abel be able to break down her defenses?
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