Dirty Together (The Dirty Billionaire Trilogy, #3)Dirty Together by Meghan March
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Dirty Together book 3 of The Dirty Billionaire Trilogy by Meghan March

5 stars!!!

I wish I could give it a higher rating because this trilogy was absolutely amazing. The only thing that could be better is if each book was longer because I am just that much in love with these books.

We see pretty much all the same characters in book 3 as the rest of the trilogy but a few new characters such as Logan, Uncle Damon and Domenico.

Book 2 ended with Holly running away from Creighton AGAIN! Her car ends up dying in front of a gas station and when she goes inside to see if someone can fix it, she runs right smack into her childhood crush Logan Brantley. He orders the part needed and takes her home but picks her up that night to take her out somewhere. She ends up giving the crowd at Brews and Balls a mini concert as she does shot after shot of tequila. Someone yells “another shot, Holly?” She goes to give a thumbs up to whoever yelled that out but that’s when she hears a familiar deep voice say “I think you’ve had enough, my dear” Holly needs to realize she can keep running but Creighton will find her every time!

Creighton and Holly seemed like everything was going perfect for them in Nashville. They end up breaking some furniture during their night time rituals.

Crey even took her on a date to Winterfest and wants Holly to teach him how to line dance. Creighton has put on a ban on sex because he knows Holly is very sore from the previous night so there is no sex for 24 hours.

Creighton finds out some really
messed up news from Uncle Damon when he goes there to try to get Damon to hand over his shares to Karas International.
Crey then meets Domenico ( Dom ) and everything seems to go well but Holy Cow!!! I did NOT see that coming at all!!

Favorite quote was when they were line dancing and Crey tells Holly he’s not lifting the ban on certain activities and Holly leans up on her tiptoes to say “The giant butt plug in my a*s says you don’t need to lift your ban because you’re going to be conquering new territory tonight.”

I can’t even express how great this trilogy was. You don’t want to miss out. I hope we see more of Crey and Holly in upcoming books??
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