Fatalism: Alexa and Vincent's Story (Life. Destiny. Fate., #1)Fatalism: Alexa and Vincent’s Story by L.K. Collins
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FATALISM is the first book in the Life, Destiny, Fate Series by L. K. Collins. If the rest of the series is like FATALISM, be ready to be blown away. L. K. Collins has drawn me into her world of writing. FATALISM can be read as a stand-alone, but I cannot wait to see what else she has in store for the rest of the series. Although some of the content was very sexual in nature, it wasn’t in bad taste.

This is the romantic, complicated story of Alexa and Vincent.

Alexa is a beautiful, smart, strong willed paralegal at a very prestigious law firm. I love her character. She has worked extremely hard to earn her position and maintain a reputation of working hard to advance. She has always lived by the rule that she would never date a lawyer or anyone she worked with. Additionally, she has never been involved with anyone for more than one night; didn’t want the complication. It is a good thing rules are made to be broken.

Vincent Kane Mileski is a drop dead gorgeous, kind hearted, generous, and off the charts sexy lawyer. If there were ever a perfect man…. ladies…he is it!!

Vincent and Alexa’s whirlwind romance begins while Alexa Schaefer and her roommate, Cara, were celebrating Alexa’s sister, Bridgette’s birthday. They had an unforgettable chance encounter that was cut short before they could get to know each other, and they both thought they would never find each other again.

Vincent ends up being the new lawyer at Alexa’s firm and her boss, surprising both of them. He has not been interested in a woman in years, until he meets Alexa. From day one he sets out on a mission to convince her to give them a chance. He knows she is the one for him and is determined to win her over and share his life with her, but boy does he have his work cut out. Alexa feels the same, but she is afraid to commit, afraid to lose her heart. Vincent has never lost a case, but when it comes to Alexa, will he lose the most important thing he has ever fought to win?
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