Fears and Scars (Damaged Hearts, #2)Fears and Scars by Emily Krat
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‘Fears and Scars’ by Emily Krat started off right where ‘Flawed and Damaged’ left off and this book was just as good, if not better, than book one! I couldn’t put it down! I carried my Kindle with me everywhere I went just so I could read it at every opportunity I had. There is minimal violence and some explicit sex scenes to keep that heart pumping.

Once again, just like book one, the reader experiences a roller coaster of emotions from happiness to frustration to even laughter. Elizabeth, who has been through so much, is such a strong female character. The secrets she keeps and the lies she tells will blow your mind, but you can’t help but love the girl….even when her ex comes into the picture and things get really crazy.

Ryan at times makes you want to reach into the book to smack him, but at the same time you find yourself falling completely in love with him! He works so hard to keep Elizabeth and certain lines just draw him into your heart, such as “Let me chase away all your fears about us. Let me kiss all the scars I left on your heart.”

The undeniable connection between Elizabeth and Ryan makes the reader cheer them on through every challenge they face – and boy are they faced by some difficulties brought on by the past. When Elizabeth finds out that Ryan was keeping a secret from her – a secret that she finds out about from someone else – it almost ruins them. Ryan does everything in his power to keep Elizabeth and to keep her safe. I wanted so badly for them to live that “happily ever after” that I was at times shocked and worried at the situations they found themselves in.

The author did an amazing job conveying the character’s feelings and drawing me in to the point that my real world would be completely blocked out. What more could a reader ask for in a book?? This was a wonderful two book series!
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