Finding A Way (The Unexpected Love #1)Finding A Way by T.E. Black
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Sometimes things that seem random, usually small insignificant moments- sometimes those are the ones that sneak in and change your life. When it’s right, as it is in Finding A Way, by T.E. Black, love does in fact find a way. In this 4 star, heartfelt romance, Mac and Callie overcome their traumatizing pasts and learn that it’s ok to trust and love again. What starts out as a mutual attraction that they buried in a deep and genuine friendship becomes the one thing neither thought they’d ever want- true forever love. Both of them are great at getting in their own way and preventing happiness but thankfully they realize it’s all worth the fight and never give up.

Callie is finally moving on after the tragic loss of her fiancée Derrick. She has some major trust issues because the jerk was a cruel drunk that cheated on her. She did what so many women do…twisted it around and somehow made it her fault. She was in the car when he died. She was witness to him being thrown through the windshield. The end result was anti-depressants and her trying to kill herself. Mac comes from his own tragic mess. He lost his ex to drugs and is still dealing with her very clingy little sister Caroline. For whatever reason, she’s decided that her and Mac are meant to be and she won’t leave him alone. Mac is pretty confused too and makes a bad decision after a big fight with Callie. Thankfully the two of them do eventually do finally put their heads together.

In the end, they do finally get over themselves and their pasts. They learn to trust in what they have and take a chance on each other. There is plenty of angst and romance. The sex between them is white hot. I do wish they would have spent a little less time battling demons and more time being happy. But they do finally get there. My absolute favorite side surprise in this book was Mac’s dog Nanook. She’s a total spaz and so much fun every time she’s around. I really enjoyed this book. The story could have been a little more than just a girl meeting a guy that helped her move. In the end though, I wound up enjoying Mac and Callie together and as individuals so much that I didn’t care so much how they met. It’s a book that I would most definitely read again and that I would certainly recommend to my friends. It’s just impossible not to fall in love with Mac and Callie.
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