Finding FocusFinding Focus by Jiffy Kate
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

First time novel from Jiffy Kate has some great moments that I loved though there were a few flaws.

This is a story about Dani, a photo journalist who just lost her job and her boyfriend decided to take off on vacation without her. She is given a chance to write an article for a southern magazine her best friend is an editor for and so she leaves New York and heads to Louisiana. There she is profiling a prominent family in the area who live on a plantation.

Micah is the son of the plantation owners who owns a few restaurants in the area with his older brother. To say Micah is a player would be an understatement but as soon as he meets Dani is taken in by her charm and wants to get to know her better. When Dani’s trip is cut short Micah and Dani form a strong friendship that continues to grow – until the unthinkable happens and Micah races to New York to be there for her. The story continues from there.

I really enjoyed the time Dani and Micah spent together and their love story – especially when they were in the south. They built a true bond and friendship that I thought was true and didn’t feel rushed to me at all. The secondary characters were fun and brought humor to the story – especially Dani’s best friend Piper and Micah’s brother Deacon as well as Micah’s mom. Where the story fell a little short for me was around Dani’s ex-boyfriend Graham. He was definitely the antagonist of the story but we never really got why. There is also a sub-story surrounding Graham that was never explained – it just happened. It threw the story off for me a bit.

Overall a solid first story for this new writing team. I look forward to seeing what they come up with next.
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