Finding Serenity (Unexpected Love #2)Finding Serenity by T.E. Black
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To say that I was blown away does not fairly or fully state how in love I was with Finding Serenity, by T.E Black. I read it’s predecessor in this series and while I truly enjoyed it, I was not prepared for the 5 star ride that this author took me on. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Trent in Mac’s story but I had no clue to the amount of pain this man was living with on a daily basis. This book opens in a six month prior flashback to Trent’s first incredibly hot encounter with our heroine Shay Kirby. While the two seem to have some major issues, the heat and want between them was undeniable. I found it impossible to not want to cheer these two on. That being said, they both are keeping secrets and have some major hurdles to overcome first.

Trent, oh sweet Trent Wallace, he spends so much of the time with his walls up and having very hot but very angry sex with Shay. When he starts taking his walls down, brick by brick, I crashed just as hard as Shay did for this wonderful and truly sensitive man. The thing of it is, he’s really broken. He’s a cocaine addict and he’s truly buried alive in his addiction. This author deserves major props for the depiction of drug abuse and how bad it can get. When Trent was using, I could understand why he couldn’t stop. I could almost feel the absolute euphoria he felt. The moments he was high, I understood. He’s covering up some really painful things though, and he can’t see that he needs help. Between his mom dying of cancer and always thinking he’s not good enough for Shay and her little girl, Abby, he’s not realizing how truly strung out he is. But when he’s sober, it’s a sight to behold. He’s a loving and sweet boyfriend to Shay and the best most incredible second daddy to Abby.

That leads me to our heroine, Shay. She has had a brutal past with Abby’s father, Bruce. As a result, she hides beneath layers of anger to protect both her heart and her daughter. She has secrets too, though. She doesn’t make nearly enough money working at Trent’s tattoo parlor so she has a second job as a go-go dancer. She knows Trent would freak out and she’s still ashamed about it so she keeps quiet. It all starts to implode once Trent’s drug dealer buys the club where she works. Secrets are everywhere and Trent is spiraling. To say that it’s all a mess would be an understatement.

The bottom line with true, forever love is that you don’t choose it- it chooses you. Both Trent and Shay realize what they have but they have a painful, uphill battle ahead of them. I cheered, I cried, and I grinned ear to ear quite a few times. This was a wonderful and beautifully written journey of two broken people who are fixing each other without even really noticing. Though they face the fights of both of their lives, they end up doing so head on. I am so freaking glad I got to read this book and take the ride with them. This author has buckets of talent and an incredible future ahead if these books are any indication.
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