Flawed and Damaged (Damaged Hearts Duet, #1)Flawed and Damaged by Emily Krat
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Two characters: Ryan and Elizabeth – both of them flawed and both of them damaged in their own way. Fate steps in and puts them in each other’s lives. The writing is very well done and allows the book to be an easy read. There is minimal violence and some explicit sexual content.

Elizabeth has been given the assignment to meet an investor at the airport and escort him to a meeting. Along comes Ryan who thinks Elizabeth is someone his brother has set him up with as special “company” for his trip. Company that, at first, Ryan wants nothing to do with but there’s something about Elizabeth that makes him want to be around her.

Elizabeth feels as though the world is out to get her. Luck just isn’t always in her corner and she’s pushing herself hard to do well and make something of herself. She’s young, kind, sweet, and at times even naïve which makes her endearing. At times you feel yourself wanting to encourage Elizabeth along – help her to move forward. She has fears that she keeps inside and at times those fears hold her back, but Ryan makes her want to move past those fears.

Ryan comes across as all business to Elizabeth, but she can’t deny her feelings whenever she’s around him. Their pasts tend to get in the way of letting their true feelings show. This is a book that could easily be read in one sitting! Watching the characters grow as their feelings for each other grow keeps the reader engages. There are funny moments, frustrating moments, and love that makes you go through a roller coaster of emotions over and over again!

While reading this book, you get to see things from both Elizabeth and Ryan’s perspective which lets you know exactly what each character is thinking and feeling during every moment. This is a book that will definitely make you feel as though you are on pins and needles. By the end of this book, you’re ready to jump right into book #2! I would give this book 4 stars and would highly recommend!
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