Frosted Sweets (A Taste of Love Book 1)Frosted Sweets by A.M. Willard
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This is book 1 of a series there is more to the story but, I would not say it ends in a cliffhanger. The book follows 4 best friends through some happy and sad times.
Morgan, Zara, Frankie and Natasha are four best friends who are always there for each other through everything.

Morgan is a baker who owns her own bakery and loves what she does, Zara works in her bakery and has been known to bake her own goodies from time to time. Frankie is a photographer who travels a lot and goes on photo shoots to other states or countries and loves what she does. Then there is Natasha, she is the fierce pencil skirt wearing lawyer who doesn’t stand for anything and has been married to her job for the last 5 years.

Morgan is engaged to Simon and they are to be married in a few weeks. Then, one night while he’s out of town, Morgan is walking home and sees him in a car with another woman and they seem cozy. She does not approach them but decides she will confront Simon the next day. Morgan meets a guy names Jayden that she cannot get out of her mind. Then she meets Nick who works with Jayden. Now she has 3 men who all want a piece of her but, all she knows is she does not want Simon. He cannot take a hint and keeps calling her, showing up at her bakery and even shows up one night she is out with Nick at a new local pub. That night helps Morgan decide who she wants and she goes after it.

Zara has been flirting with and annoying Hatcher for months and everyone thinks she should just hook up with him already. Hatcher is a very close friend of Morgan’s who does her accounting and also helps out at the bakery sometimes. The crew soon finds out that Zara and Hatcher have already hooked up and there is much more to the relationship.

Frankie has some sort of thing going with Brody. She likes him and he likes her but, she thinks he will never be happy with her because of some medical issues she has. I don’t think she will be able to get away from Brody because Brody and Hatcher are like best friends.

Natasha is the one who works long days and isn’t looking for love since her heart was broken. She has a hard exterior and doesn’t let anyone in. Sometimes, we can’t help it and some people break through the hard exterior no matter how hard we try. Diesel and Cassidy may just get through to Natasha’s heart after all.

Book 1 gives us a look at the bond of these 4 amazing women and how much they mean to each other. It also gives us a closer look into Morgan’s love life and a taste of Zara’s. I’m sure we will get to see more of these characters soon in other books. Jayden is my favorite character and really hope we see more of him in upcoming books.
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