Good-bye, with LoveGood-bye, with Love by Niquel
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Good-bye, with Love by Niquel starts out with the main characters at the young, innocent age of twelve. Michelle Dawson has been through some hard times. Even though she’s had her parents support, she feels alone sometimes. The things she has gone through is a lot for a twelve-year-old to handle. Jonathan “Johnny” Gates moved with his mother to Massachusetts from North Carolina. Johnny has had trouble and hard times in his past too, and finally is ready to start over. He meets Michelle in science class on his first day at a new school, and thinks she is absolutely beautiful. The two form a close friendship, being together through thick and thin, spending almost all their free time together for months. They both have a feeling they might be experiencing their first loves. Johnny recognized it when “She kept tucking her short hair behind her ear and staring at the flames in front of us. At that moment I knew I was in love with her.” The two don’t want to risk their friendship over something they both know probably wouldn’t last. The rest of the story follows these two over the next ten years, describing all of their ups and downs in life. Coming back together, falling apart, and wondering how each other is all the time. Will Johnny and Michelle be able to find each other and finally admit their love for one another after all this time? Was that love they felt in middle school turning out to be something real? Could it be forever? Find out in Good-bye, with Love!

I would give this story four stars. Niquel did an amazing job writing the story, with diary entries from Michelle so the readers can truly feel her emotions. Every detail and every thought the characters have mean something in the grand scheme of things, and once you get to the end you’ll be amazed at how everything comes together. The progression over the course of ten years is absolutely phenomenal. I would highly recommend this book to everyone! This story is one filled with love, heartbreak, and emotions that will leave you crying, laughing, and believing in love again.
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