Healing MelodyHealing Melody by Ozlo Grey
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Healing Melody by Ozlo and Priya Grey is a standalone book and my first read by both of these authors. I thought the writing was great and the storyline was intriguing.

Healing Melody was a very good read. Considering this was my first time reading anything by these two authors, I was impressed. Will I read another book by them in the future, most likely, yes. Now, with that being said, it would depend on the heroine’s storyline in the future for me personally. Don’t get me wrong, I love a scarred hero in my romance stories but when the focus is on a scarred heroine, well that’s where my feelings falter just a bit. I don’t mind some “minor” scar issues and/or imperfections but in this story, I had a real hard “visual” time to connect completely with Melody. I am a visual reader and although I know it’s impossible, I want my hero and heroine to be visually beautiful in my mind and I couldn’t get that with Melody for obvious reasons. Now with that being said, I also could not get a visual of her even with her scarring, which was odd for me as well.

Melody was a total enigma to me. As a reader, I definitely could “understand” her to a certain point. I got a fairly decent background story on her but definitely not enough to help me “define” and/or relate to her. I didn’t quite “get” the sex addiction references, I mean yeah, as a reader I got it but what I didn’t get was why she used sex as an “inspiration” for her music and how exactly did it all start and more importantly was there a particular reason that made her behave that way. This is definitely where I had a hard time to truly understand her and if I am being honest, I wasn’t really sure that I even liked her at first. As her story progressed, I did warm up to her more and more. The ending seemed too rushed for me, almost like it all ended too fast, too neat. I felt like I was looking for a little bit more information on how exactly they got to where they were by the end. I truly did love the Epilogue but wanted more to fully appreciate it too, if that makes sense.

Kade, oh Kade, wow this man was total swoon-worthy for me. I started off heartbroken for this beautiful man. His backstory was heartbreaking and although I understood where his emotions and feelings were coming from, I also wished that I could have gotten a bit more on him too. His character for me was almost perfect. He was kind, compassionate, tortured and yet had a heart of gold underneath all the ugliness that life had thrust upon him. He was beautiful, he was genuine and all in all he was just so darn “real” that it was fairly easy to not only love him but to connect with him as well.

This story was very good and if it weren’t for my own personal feelings on the “physical” aspect of the heroine as well as the rushed ending, I could have easily added another half star to this book.
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