Just Ride (Legion of Guardians MC, #1)Just Ride by Xyla Turner
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Just Ride by Xyla Turner, is about a 32-year-old singer, Kylie Miller who moves back to her hometown to take care of her sick mother. Kylie’s mother Susan is diagnosed with cancer and the only one that knows about it is Kylie. Taking caring of her mother and catching up with her best friends; Shay and Lori, Kylie doesn’t expect to get pursue by a sexy man, who is also the leader of a biker gang. But what he doesn’t get is that no matter how sexy he is she doesn’t do bikers.

“See, you can hold your own on a machine… Makes a man wonder if you can hold your own on just about anything… What you say, sweetheart?” He finished.

The fan had my hair flying all around like medusa’s tentacles. The sexy biker moved from his place beside me to now in front of me. He raised his hand to subdue my curls, but I gripped his wrist before he could succeed.
One eyebrow rose when he asked, “Well.”
“Well,” I finally spoke, “I don’t f*ck bikers.”

Razer Willis is a 44-year-old regional leader for the Legion of Guardians MC. Which means he was sent to clean up the regions when it goes bad to worse. His life was mostly about his gang and making sure the town didn’t get worse with scum bags. Until she shows up at the bar, out riding the bull machine and singing her lungs out. It doesn’t matter that she is the mayor’s daughter, or the fact that she doesn’t do bikers. He wants her and he will get her to realize that she wants him just the same. But with Kylie running scared into his arms because of a stalker, what better opportunity does razer have to prove that he will do everything to protect, her as well as claim her.

This book is awesome! I love how the author describes the scenery as well as the characters in this book. The author does an amazing job in making you feel really connected with the main character, and feel their pain. Kylie’s two best friends Lori and Shay, are loyal to her and are too funny, and strong minded. Don’t sleep on them, because you’ll regret it, they’ll go tooth and nail trying to protect one another. Not to mention Kylie makes you wish that you met her in real life, she hilarious. I advise anyone who is going to read this book to beware of your surroundings, because this book will have you laughing out loud. It will also have you making faces while reading, which never happen before until now. If you’re like me and have some questions at the end, well don’t worry because the author will reveal them in book 2 and book 3 of the series. Book 2 is said to be about Shay while book 3 is supposed to be about Lori.
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