Pandemonium (MC Sinners Next Generation, #1)Pandemonium by Bella Jewel
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Pandemonium ( MC Sinners Next Generation #1) by Bella Jewel is the first standalone in her brand new series MC Sinners Next Generation. Now with that being said, you technically do not have to read the MC Sinners Series in order to understand and/or enjoy this book BUT I would highly recommend it as I believe it will further your enjoyment. This series will focus on the kids of the original MC Sinners series and let me tell you that you will not want to miss out on their very hot and very sexy parents.

I am a huge fan of Bella Jewel and have read all of her books to date, so this book, was no exception to her long standing record of fantastic 5 star reads for me. Bella Jewel knows exactly how to write flawlessly and seamlessly, she creates fabulous, sexy characters, knows how to keep the reader squirming in their seat while she teases us with a sexy and erotic, slow-build-up of her main characters and can execute a storyline from start to finish to perfection. She creates just the right amount of drama, angst, the violence is exactly what I expect from a typical MC read and yet never over the top that it takes away from the storyline, and her characters, males and females alike are absolutely perfect, sexy, and just everything that I love all rolled into one!

Pandemonium is the story of Ava, Jackson’s daughter and Lucas/Luke “Shadow” Black, detective hunk extraordinaire. Their story was pure gold from start to finish. Once I started, I could not and did not want to put it down, I was completely hooked. There were a few times that made it emotionally hard for me to read because both of them had such heartbreaking circumstances that actually helped to bring them together in the most unusual and most beautiful way. My heart broke for the both of them but yet it healed so slowly and so meticulously that it made reading through the difficult times worth every minute.

Ava, was gorgeous, headstrong and independent, she was kind and a loyal daughter and friend, a person who I would love to surround myself with. I loved her devotion to her family and the love and respect that she had for them was commendable. She went through a horrible ordeal related to the club and yet she was more worried about “hurting” her dad than coming clean about everything that she had endeared and it was heartbreaking to watch her unravel the way she did. She sunk to the lowest of lows and it was so touching and moving to watch Lucas/Luke come to her rescue time and time again.

Lucas was quite a unique character. He was downright sexy, broody, he was living as shell of a man due to a tragic circumstance in his life and yet underneath the sadness, the heartbreak there was a kind and caring man who had so much love left in him when he had believed he was completely empty of that emotion. I loved seeing him be able to open himself back up with Ava. The emotional connection that these two shared was super-charged, it gave me chills, literally. Without a doubt they were the other half of each other’s souls and their hearts, their connection was pure magic for me.

I can’t say enough about this book and Author Bella Jewel. If you haven’t experienced this author or her books, I highly recommend them as well as this one, you will not be sorry! The moment I discovered her, I couldn’t get enough and each and every one of her books stay true to Bella Jewel’s form in her writing, her storylines, her characters and she continues to be one of my top favorite authors of all time and I will excitedly and anxiously continue to devour anything and everything she writes now and in the future.
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