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Holy Prozac batman! Jesse and Charlie’s mood swings gave me whiplash throughout the entire book. I guess that is sort of what you get when you have such beautifully broken characters.

For part one you have the point of view from Charlie. She is a very negative about her body and self-worth due to past experiences. She suffers from panic attacks along with the aforementioned issues. I was very frustrated with her and her issues because I just wanted to shake her and call bs. I knew going in this book is about assorted issues, but seriously the language this main character used to describe herself is unsettling. Charlie does have a main support network of friends and family that surrounds her, and I think does try to help. I loved that about them.

For part two you have the point of view of Jesse. I loved this section of book way much better than the first. I think more feeling and growth came during this section. Jesse has lived a very abused and generally messed up childhood that had bled over to his behaviors as an adult. I loved that it showed that he was trying to better himself, and we got to see in depth of that process. I think Jesse’s character had more growth, while Charlie was fixated on just size of her body. Not everything is in a number, I wished she would have figured that out. Jesse did reach into Christian Grey territory with his scars and general background minus the bdsm and billionaire status.

The ending left a lot to be desired. It was short and abrupt without much conclusion. Sort of just cut out. I found that really bothersome along with lack of self-growth of Charlie which lead up to the four stars instead of a solid five. I think if there was a solid ending or just more closure and other thing that may lead to another book, it would have been a five star read.
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