Restoration & Forgiveness (Renovate Book 2)Restoration & Forgiveness by Mindy A. Carter
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RESTORATION AND FORGIVENESS is the second book in the Renovate Series and concludes the love story of Keegan James and Aimee Brennan. Will there be a happy ending? Kaleb and Reese’s romance also continues and holds a lot of surprises.

Nothing could have prepared me for the drama and romance in this sequel. Mindy does an extremely great job of making you feel every emotion throughout this book. You will laugh, squeal with delight, and then cry, in no special order.

Keegan is the perfect, chivalrous, hot, outrageously sexy and handsomely rich gentleman. He has adored Aimee since he first laid eyes on her when she was six and he was seven years old. They formed a friendship and bond that neither could forget.
Circumstances kept them apart when Keegan graduated from high school and eight years later they reunited for an unforgettable romance.

Keegan is determined to make all of Aimee’s dreams come true and sets out on a mission to show her how much he loves her. He will stop at nothing, and believe me the sky is the limit, if there is a limit. He remembers everything about Aimee. All her favorite things. Aimee is the one and only girl for him: always was and always will be. Likewise, Keegan has always been the one who held Aimee’s heart.

Gretchen, who claims to be Keegan’s assistant at James Architecture Firm, seems to have her own agenda where Keegan is concerned. She seems to have an uncanny control over Keegan, and Aimee has an uneasy feeling about her. She tries to avoid any confrontations because of Keegan professional relationship with her. That is until Gretchen threatens the one thing that Aimee has always wanted…….Keegan. Aimee’s best friend, Reese, and Kaleb, Keegan’s brother, warn Aimee that Gretchen is dangerous and that she should avoid her. None of them had any idea how far she would go to get her way.

When Keegan announces that he and Aimee are engaged, Gretchen becomes more belligerent and evil. She is unwavering in her determination to destroy their relationship. Lies and deceit are her best game. Will she succeed?

Keegan and Aimee are deeply in love with each other. Everyone sees the deep devotion they both share, but will deep, dark secrets emerge and ruin their chance at happiness? Will they be able to overcome the obstacles that threaten to destroy their love and trust? Will Aimee get her heart broken by Keegan once again? Will Gretchen reign victorious in her attempt to break them up?

You must read both books in this series. They are full of emotion, great characters, and a truly unforgettable romance. I promise it will become one of your favorite series, and Mindy Carter will become an author you add to your favorites.
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