RunRun by Holly Hood
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“Run” by Holly Hood was a book that got me interested solely by reading the synopsis. I was intrigued by the characters and the plot of the story and therefore, thought it would be a good read. It took me a while to get into it for some reason but overall, it was a great read and a completely different ending than what I was expecting. I always appreciate writers that can simultaneously move me and surprise me at the same time and Holly Hood did just that with this book.
The book itself is from Kendall’s point of view—a twenty year old girl who has grown up in a horrible environment and no one to turn to except the one constant in her life—Mason. Throughout the book, they both learn the ins and outs of life and that sometimes things don’t go the way things are planned, no matter what. They also learn that sacrifices must be made in order to let other people live and be happy.
It’s a heartwarming tale, although it takes it a while to get there, in my opinion. That’s not a bad thing whatsoever, since it’s also a tale of heartbreak and want. It’s a tough situation throughout the majority of the novel and that’s what makes it so good. It’s a journey and Kendall and Mason take you right on through it with them.
I would recommend this book, definitely. It might take a bit to get into, simply because the beginning might be a tad slow. But overall, it’s good and it comes full circle. Life has a way of throwing us curveballs and punches but we eventually (and hopefully) learn to roll with them. We learn to catch ourselves and become better people because of it. Kendall does that throughout the entire novel and we watch both her and Mason grow, not just as people, but as friends and more later on. It’s a nice, refreshing read for someone who is looking for something different. Bravo. Can’t wait to read the next one! 
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