Shadow Dancer (Shadow, #1)Shadow Dancer by Addison Kline
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Shadow dancer by Addison Kline

Shadow dancer is a book that will have you chewing on your lip, this story isn’t a typical book with its many points of view and how Addison Kline just from the past to the present. At first it’s a little hard to catch on to but don’t let that deter you it gets easier and boy oh boy does it get more gripping! The story is a nail bitter as it follows two tails twisted into one modern day thrill full of lust and hatred. We follow Jack as his only daughter is kidnapped by the same man who has ruined his life for the second time in 15 years. First he tortured his late wife with haunting her dreams and making her live a nightmare that would make anyone crack. Stalking family events sending messing letters and finally causing to be the reason she loses her life only hours after her daughter is born. Now 15 years later Tristan completely unaware of the past events that have transpired comes face to face with the ultimate fear, her English teacher has not only made her high school career a living hell he has set out to take her, make her his own in his sick twisted mind. He kidnapped 15-year-old Tristan and takes her family on a whirl wind fox hunt as he tries to make her his by crossing state lines. So sick and twisted in his own mind he will stop at nothing to get what his heart desires. But wait don’t turn this book away yet we all know that there is always some type of hero and in this lovely book it is the same because enters a cop from Pittsburgh who happened to be a native to the area years before officer jean. Bright eyed and fresh from the city jean has come back to have a quiet and new start only to stumble in on this mess of corruption and she is up for the task none the less. Follow along as she pieces together what has happened to jacks late wife and now his only daughter in this thrilling page turner you are sure to be left asking for more it’s just an amazing read that will have you on the edge of your seat! Enjoy!
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