Skepticism (Life. Destiny. Fate. Book 4)Skepticism by L.K. Collins
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SKEPTICISM is the fourth book in the Life, Destiny, Fate Series by L. K. Collins. This book can be read as a standalone, but trust me, read them all. Each book compliments each other and the characters and stories are unforgettable. L. K. Collins talent’s shine in this series. It is easy to see why this series is a #1 best seller.

SKEPTICISM continues with Micah and Natalene’s tumultuous love story. Their love story is emotional, heart wrenching, and passionate, and will take so many dangerous twists and turns. You will cry, laugh and be totally amazed at the situations they find themselves in. I love these characters. L. K. Collins has a unique ability to create memorable characters and situations.

Micah Lomano had a sketchy past that he had to forget to stay safe. Unfortunately, that also meant trying to forget the most important person in his life, Natalene. He now goes by Liam Brown and is a partner in the same law firm as Vincent. Even though he is a very successful lawyer and partner in a prestigious law firm, he couldn’t enjoy the success without her. He lives with his secret, but the one thing he couldn’t get over was his love for Natalene. She haunted his every breath and without her life had no meaning.

Natalene loves Micah with every breath she takes. She has waited for Micah to find her like he swore he would. She needed him desperately and was keeping a secret he didn’t know. She is pregnant with his child. Natalene has a choice to make that no mother ever wants to make. She is still in danger and has to decide if she should keep the baby and stay on the run, or give up the child. How heart breaking!

Time has slowly slipped by. It has now been ten years since the awful event occurred. Natalene believes that Micah is dead and Micah is still grieving over Natalene. He comes to the conclusion that if his life is to matter he has to try and locate Natalene.

Will Micah and Natalene get the second chance they both desperately need? Will the dangers threaten their happily ever after?
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