Skyscrapers & Camelot (Renovate #1)Skyscrapers & Camelot by Mindy A. Carter
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Mindy Carter is a new author for me, but one I will be sure to follow. She creates unforgettable characters, friendships, loyalty, and true love. Mindy has the ability to keep you engaged in the story and truly happy for the characters when things are right.

SKYSCRAPERS AND CAMELOT is the first book in the Renovate Series and contains everything that makes a good book. Romance, humor, suspense, and for those that believe in love at first sight, this is the book for you.

This is Aimee and Keegan’s story.

Aimee Brennan was six years old when her mother suddenly passed away. This prompted Aimee, her father, and her grandmother to move from Cleveland, Ohio to Indiana, Pennsylvania. Aimee was extremely sad to leave her home where she had so many wonderful memories of her mother.

This move proved to be the best thing to happen to Aimee. Across the street lived Keegan James, who quickly became her life long best friend, trusted confidante, and love of her life. They spent many years playing together, along with Keegan’s brother Kaleb, who was two years older. Keegan and Kaleb were very protective of Aimee and the three shared a close bond that would never be broken.

Fast forward to Keegan graduating from high school and leaving for college. He broke Aimee’s heart. He left without a word and left her to wonder why for eight years.

After Aimee graduates from college she gets a job working for FRAMEWORK, a small, but promising magazine in New York. Her roommate from NYU and best friend, Reese, is the photographer for FRAMEWORK, and her current roommate as well. They share the same birthday and also a very close special bond.

Aimee receives an assignment to interview Keegan James, the outlandishly successful owner of James Architecture Firm, and her long lost best friend. This shakes things up. She hasn’t seen or heard from Keegan in eight years and has no idea what to expect. She decides to pretend that she doesn’t know who he is because she fears he has forgotten her. She asks him several personal questions to try and get him to remember her, but Keegan apparently decides to play the same game. That is until Kaleb realizes she is there and rushes in to see her. Game over.

Aimee, Reese, Keegan and Kaleb meet for drinks the following evening and sparks fly. Not only do Aimee and Keegan reconnect again, but Reese and Kaleb seem to hit it off as well. This starts the beginning of a whirlwind romance for Aimee and Keegan. Keegan is determined to make up for lost time and the hurt he ultimately caused Aimee. But is there still a secret threatening to tear apart their reunion?

Aimee was finally happy and with the one person she has loved since she was six years old. Everything was going right for Aimee and Keegan until………..
Could Gretchen, a partner in the firm, come between them?
Could Liam, Reese’s brother and ex-boyfriend of Aimee’s come between them?

I am in as much suspense as you. Starting book 2 of the series, RESTORATION AND FORGIVENESS now because I just can’t wait.
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