Slave to LoveSlave to Love by Julie A. Richman
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“Where’s the mermaid?” “Her chain broke,” I choke out the words. His finger is still there, searing into my skin, making the ache between my legs nearly unbearable. “Well, maybe you need stronger chains .” And with a mere flick of his finger, I tumble down the rabbit hole.”

When trying to make sure everything stays on a professional business level, what is a girl to do when she’s unable to fight her own desires. In the book Slave To Love by Julie A Richman, Sierra Stone is a young competitive business professional who works her butt off to make it to the top. One evening she meets a new partner that her company is going to work with, Hale Lundstrom. Another partner, another day, well at least that’s what Sierra expects, but this Hale Lundstorm is different. He gets to her like no else could and that is a big problem, one that could ruin her rep, as well as her job.

“I see myself with a woman who can give me a run for my money in the boardroom and wake up next to me in the bedroom and not give a rat’s *ss that she has no make-up on and her hair looks like I’ve f**ked the crap out of her. And she’s still gorgeous. I see myself with a woman who tells me, ‘I don’t sh*t where I eat’, and I damn well had better respect that. I see myself with Sierra Stone. And I know it’s time to get my *ss back to Austin and make this right. Somehow.”

Hale is a guy that goes after what he wants and no one or anything can get in his way. But Sierra is giving him a run for his money. After being shot down from Sierra with her “I don’t sh*t where I eat.” talk, Hale realize that not only is she different from all the others. But she’s someone who he wouldn’t mind being in a relationship with. Not to mention she’s intelligent and would do wonders working for him in his company. Respecting the fact that she doesn’t want to ruin her rep, will not stop him from keeping her.

The overall story in this book is good, the author jumps you right into the book pretty fast so that it’s not a slow start. I laughed during the book. The author switches character views during chapters so at one point you’re reading from Hale’s view then the next from Sierra. A fair warning her friends are funny as well as fiercely loyal.
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