Stolen Innocents (Shadow, #2)Stolen Innocents by Addison Kline
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Stolen innocents by Addison Kline

Addison has done it again she will knock your socks off with the second book in the shadow series. This book is going to have you just sitting on the edge of your seat chomping to know what’s going to happen next. In the second book of this series we will follow Tristan and Jack again and his family as they have to deal with the horrors of a killer that they thought had long been dead. Bernard may not be around to tutor their lives but the damage he had done to many others will resurface as you find out that this sleepy little town is crawling with secrets some bigger than other but all life changing. The kids have made and it’s their senior year so close to prom and graduation they feel it’s safe to celebrate little do they know a monster has come back and she’s angrier than ever. Angie fled the little town of elk heart in 1980 after the gruesome death of her sister Tiffany, she has come back after her husband left her and unfortunately lost her job and apartment all in the same day. Enough to make anyone crack she goes how hoping for a fresh start and a new outlook only a few days after being home country Angie little sister shows up dead after a graduation party. The town is rock by this horror as they thought that Tiffany killer was killed three years ago when jack but a bullet in his head after he kidnapped his youngest child and only daughter. So that leaves the question did they have the wrong person or is this a copycat? Follow along as the town and families are all struggling to understand what has gone so wrong in a small town in Pennsylvania. Could it be just bad luck on the part of Angie family to lose two daughters to the same death 20 years apart or is something deeper and dark is someone hiding a secret? More girls show up dead and more clues come to light is it some sick person trying to just scare them as Jack fears for the life of his family again as Tristan and his sister are targeted yet hanging by another sick soul. But never to be light hearted this family will not back down and be taken out so easily as Bridget, Jacks sister, Tristian his daughter prove they will not go down without a fight. This book is one filled with a mystery around ever page it will have you wanting to know who and what is next. It’s just an amazing read by far. But don’t take just my word for it crack it open and see for yourself, your surely not to be disappointed.
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