The Infatuation: Josh and Kat Part I (The Club #5)The Infatuation: Josh and Kat Part I by Lauren Rowe
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Lauren Rowe did a perfect job in this to show Josh and Kat getting together. I really appreciated the way it began which is where the s*&t hits the fan with The Club. Now Josh id the one who introduces Jonas to The Club, which helps us understand his place there. He is also as yummy as Jonas just maybe a little less…who am I kidding he is totally equally as yummy as Jonas. Just listen to this line

“The minute Henn leaves, I take Kat’s face in my hands and kiss her. And then I kiss her again. And again. And again. All I want to do is kiss her one last time before my application potentially fucks everything up—but before I know it, my clothes are off and so are hers and she’s on top of me on the bed, riding me, screaming my name, humping me exactly the way she rode that Sybian~”
Now tell me that doesn’t melt your panties.

Kat is a bada#@ she jumps in to help when her friend needs her. The way she deals Josh is fun to witness, since you expect her to be a mess after the first kiss, but she isn’t. When Josh asks her about being jealous about his old flame

“She laughs. “Um… I’m more like envious, I think, but, no, not jealous. I don’t get jealous when I’m not in a relationship.” She glares at me, clearly telling me my jealousy about Cameron Schulz is premature. “Now, if you were my boyfriend and I found out you’d f%$ked another woman, then, yes, I’d be so jealous I’d burn your f%&king house down. And then I’d cut off your balls, roast them over the burning embers of your house, smash them between two graham crackers with a Hershey bar and make testicle-s’mores out of them, which I would then gobble up as I stood over your writhing, whimpering body on the ground.”

She couldn’t have had a better answer for him, specially an Alpha Cocky Yummy Dude.

Lauren made this first part of their story fun and steamy can’t wait to get to Part II
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