The Revelation: Josh and Kat Part II (The Club #6)The Revelation: Josh and Kat Part II by Lauren Rowe
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Oh Lauren Rowe starts off at the juicy part…Josh’s application. Yes! Kat finally reads Josh’s application for The Club and its very enlightening to her. He is still C*cky Douchey Yummy (Specially Yummy) just read this from his application

Provide a brief physical description of yourself. “I’m 6’1, 190 lbs. I’ve got brown hair and blue eyes and tattoos on my torso and arms. I prefer not to talk about the meanings of my tattoos at length, so please tell whoever gets assigned to me not to ask about them. “I work pretty hard at keeping fit,” he continues. “I’m a big believer that a man only gets one chance at a first impression, so I try to make mine count, every time. Just to be clear: I’m not applying for membership to The Club because I have some sort of inferiority complex about my appearance (I don’t) or because I can’t attract women on my own (I can).”
Like I said he is still all that and a bag of chips.

Kat is still her scorpio mega bada** self. She finds somethings about Josh from his application but her reaction to it is not all that bad. I like this line from her

“And let me just say this,” Kat says, her voice edged with barely contained rage. “If a woman is totally into you and you keep stringing her along, even though you’re not into her, then at some point you’re not a playboy, you’re just a flat-out prick.” “What?” “Unless, of course, you are into her and you’ve been peddling me a line of total bullsh*t this whole time—in which case, you’re not just a prick, you’re also a flat-out liar.”

Their relationship is passionate, deep but most fun. Lauren Rowe has continued this great way of mixing both couples and situations in a perfect balance. Off to read Part III and find out how Josh and Kat get their HEA.

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