Three Rivers (A Gateway to Love, #1)Three Rivers by Chloe T. Barlow
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Three Rivers – A Gateway to Love Novel Book 1 by Chloe T. Barlow

A great read for me! Awesome characters that you grow to love.

Althea ( Tea ) and Jack were a young married couple. He worked really long hours because he was working on something and he was pretty much keeping it a secret. Tea sensed something was bothering him but he kept pushing her away and promised things will calm down soon and they would be able to spend all the time I. The world together. That was the last time she heard Jack’s voice. Tea woke up to loud knocking on the front door at 2:31 in the morning. She opened the door to two uniformed police officers and her life came crashing down right before her eyes. She got the worst news ever! They think Jack fell asleep at the wheel and went right into the river.

Tea basically spent the next few weeks crying or sleeping. Her two best friends Aubrey and Jenna were always there keeping an eye on her. She kept feeling sick finally her two best friends made her take a pregnancy test which was positive. It appears Jack was gone but Tea would now have a piece of him with her forever.

Tea went on raising her baby boy Johnny with the help of her 2 best friends and mother in law Carol. She never went out just worked to support her and Johnny and that’s about it. She had a few first dates but nothing more. She felt like she owes it to Jack to stay single and Carol made her feel like she was Jack’s wife not his widow. Finally one day about 5 and a half years after Jack’s death, Aubrey and Jenna convinced Tea to go out and find a one night stand. She meets Griffen and has the hottest one night stand ever. She sneaks out while Griffen is asleep and thinks she will never see him again. That’s never how it happens in romance novels!
Apparently Tea and Griffen have ALOT in common and they will soon realize that they will get to know each other very well.

The ending of this book was great. I loved the action and how everything was answered.

They call them the “Three Rivers” but it’s really two river joining together to form the third. One surrendering to the other to become something bigger and much more important. The rivers are not lesser for moving on and joining together, they are broader, stronger, and lead to so many more opportunities – as one.

This book was not a cliffhanger and has a HAE.
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