Time and SpaceTime and Space by Rachel Robinson
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TIME AND SPACE. Perfect title. This is the first book of Rachel Robinson’s that I have read and I am blown away. Rachel Robinson has created a masterpiece of emotion. She grabbed my attention on the first page and didn’t let go. I simply couldn’t read it fast enough.

Cody Ridge went from being a Navy Seal to owning his own successful company, Ridge Contracting. He went from being an honorable, good man to a man for hire. He was able to use his top-notch skills as a Navy Seal to build Ridge Contracting into a very profitable company, and provide a haven for other former Navy Seal’s who still require a certain level of danger.

Lainey Rosemont is Cody’s life. She has touched him in a way that most people never get to experience.

The following will forever stay with me.

If you were to crack apart any of my two hundred and six bones, you’d find her. That’s how deeply she’s rooted inside. She’s hidden away, tucked neatly in a place where not even time can touch her. Bones? They protect everything. You get to take them with you to your grave. Lainey Rosemont is the woman who owns my bones.

I knew from the moment I laid eyes on her my life would be forever changed.

Sadly, a terrible series of events keep them apart. Cody was declared dead in the war, even though his body was never found. Lainey was devastated and couldn’t imagine her life without him. She grieved for what might have been, should have been.

Lainey finally decides to move on with Dax, who is also a former Navy seal, but Cody remains foremost in her heart. This is a remarkable story of love and loss. My heart broke many times throughout this story, and I felt the terrible anguish and pure torture Lainey was going through.

Over three years later, Cody returns. There are many questions, tears, and decisions to be made. Lainey is now engaged to Dax. Cody feels betrayed and can’t imagine his life without Lainey, the love of his life. What will Lainey do? Her upcoming marriage to Dax is fast approaching. Will she marry Dax? Will she and Cody have a second chance at a love that everyone hopes for?

TIME AND SPACE is a must read. Cody and Lainey’s love story will inspire you and break your heart. Don’t miss a minute!!!!
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