TranspireTranspire by Monica Cole
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Transpire, Monica Cole’s debut novel, is a gripping story of love and sacrifice. This book was a page-turner filled with emotion and passion. It is so much more than a story about a boy and girl.
The story is told from Elaine’s point of view with chapters both depicting her past and her present. The reader feels her pain and confusion as she struggles with guilt from her past and her feelings for Canyon both then and now.

“Even though I’ve looked into his eyes more times than I can count, I’m still affected; because eyes like these, you don’t get over them. After two years, I thought it’d be different. But as we continue staring at each other, I realize nothing has changed and with just the right look, he could slay my heart before I even saw it coming.”

Elaine is trying to find herself, deal with her guilt, reconnect with her family, and sort out her feelings for Canyon throughout the book. Canyon is a mysterious, zealous character that even the reader will likely find attractive and root for. The attraction, passion, and all-consuming feelings between Elaine and Canyon are palpable. Their journey from beginning to end is full of twists, turns, pain, and sacrifice.

“…If you look past all the bad. Past all the mistakes and the pain, there’s beauty. There’s good. There’s something worth living for. You are my something. Even before I met you. You were the reason I held on and the reason I still do. The reason I’ll enjoy life until I take my last breath.”
For her debut novel, Monica Cole delivers a fairly well written, engaging story. There is no violence in the book, mild occasional profanity, and some sexual situations/discussion. I finished this book in just a couple of days, yearning to find out what was going to happen. The reader feels that there are secrets and twists within the book that creates the drive to keep reading. While some of the storyline is somewhat predictable, Monica Cole doesn’t fail to also provide surprises. I would recommend this book to someone looking for a romance with a twist.

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