UnderCoversUnderCovers by Kayti McGee
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UnderCovers by Kayti McGee is a five star read! High school history teacher Melissa Montclair is enjoying her winter break. She thinks it’s one of the best things about teaching. While at a bar with her friend Jane on New Year’s Eve, Melissa spots the most gorgeous looking man ever, a perfect ten. The perfect ten comes over to Melissa and strikes up conversation, and sparks fly. Both can’t seem to get over how incredibly good looking and irresistible the other is. Hoping for a one-night stand, Melissa invites the perfect ten over to her place and they have amazing, incredible sex. Melissa thinks it’s the perfect way to begin her second semester teaching, until the first day of class comes and the perfect ten is in her class. Absolutely embarrassed, Melissa can’t believe she slept with a student. She begins thinking that she’s going to jail because he’s underage, but that night they spent together keeps coming back in her mind. That should be enough to stop her, but as the sexual tension between the two builds during class, Melissa finds herself banging the student over, and over, and over. She knows there’s a connection there, but she still can’t believe she’s sleeping with a student, something she could lose her job over. Even though there’s many risks involved, she can’t seem to stay away from him. Officer Spence Vega is so excited to be assigned an undercover case. He’s posing as a high school student in order to bring down the major drug dealer at the school. He can’t believe the hot girl he slept with on New Year’s is his history teacher. Also, he becomes suspicious that she’s the dealer. With all these problems comes hot sex, tension, and a passion neither can deny. Want to find out how it all comes together? Find out in UnderCovers!

Kayti McGee does a wonderful job writing this story. From the moment you start reading, you’re not able to put it down! The suspense builds page after page, and the attraction between Melissa and Spence is undeniable. A must read!
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