Wayward Trouble (Wayward Saints MC, #5)Wayward Trouble by K. Renee
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WAYWARD TROUBLE is the fifth book in the Wayward Saints MC series. K. Renee is a new author for me, but I quickly added her to my list of favorite authors. She has created some unique characters and she is a great story teller.

Jase Insico is one of four brothers, and also a twin. All of the brothers are gorgeous, and they appear to be falling in love quickly and leaving Jase to live the wild and crazy bachelor life he craves. Love them and leave them was more his speed. They all are also members of the motorcyle club, Wayward Saints, along with their father.

Jase spends a short time in jail and returns home to find that someone had been living in his apartment. That someone was Wynter. Wynter was on the run from her brother-in-law, who was threatening her life. When Jase discovered her hiding out in his apartment, she tried to run, but he stopped her. After learning about her situation, he called his brothers to his apartment to scare her brother-in-law, Saxton, into leaving her alone. Saxton is dreadfully dangerous and Wynter is smart to fear him. He works with a group that kidnaps and sells women, and he had already killed her fiancé because she refused to follow his orders.

For some reason that Jase can’t explain, he feels very protective of Wynter and claims her as his ole’ lady to keep her protected by the Saints. Jase starts to feel so many emotions he isn’t use to. Could he possibly be starting to have feelings for Wynter? Could she be doing the same? As Jase and the Saints prepare to protect Wynter and help her to keep her sister and niece safe, an unlikely love story begins for Jase and Wynter.

Wynter is much different from the other women Jase has known. He knows that she is trouble for him, but he can’t stop his feelings for her. Wynter still has feelings for her deceased fiancé, but Jase is slowly making her forget. He knows that he must take it slow if he ever wants to get through to her. As they set off on their journey of keeping Wynter protected, they start to experience a chemistry that gets stronger every day. Will Wynter be able to forget the past and trust Jase? Will Jase be able to abandon his confirmed bachelorhood?

This is a series you will most definitely want to read. Please read them in order and don’t miss any of the brothers’ stories.
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