Wings of Vengeance (Hidden Wings Series Book Five)Wings of Vengeance by Cameo Renae
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Wings of Vengeance – Hidden Wings series Book 5 by Cameo Renae

This is a story about a young woman, and her Immortal and mortal friends and family. How they come together to help each other and some even sacrifice for them.

Emma and Kade are madly in love (“Loving you is like breathing. It takes no effort at all.”) and instead of being able to enjoy their bond, which they fought to obtain.

They now have to deal with Emma’s nightmares, Lilith’s bizarre desire for vengeance, a missing Heavenly Father, and a whole bunch of complications.

“I’ll be fighting for all of you, and that’s all the motivation I need to win.”

Worry for her human friends makes her pull them close and it may be the wrong thing. Although Lia and Jeremy understand very little about what’s happening they love her and support her. They are her best friends and would do whatever they could for her.

“I’m sorry you had to deal with so much after the loss of your parents. I wish we could have been there for you from the beginning. They say that life tests us, not to show our weaknesses, but to discover our real strength. You are the strongest girl I know, Emma. And are seriously the only one of us who would have survive.”

She in turn would die to keep them safe, and she might just have too.

“I was wavering on fine line of weakness and a full breakdown. Lives were in my hands once again. The pressure to make sure we’re all safe was weighing heavily on my shoulders, pushing me to the breaking point.”

Lucian is still causing problems even from the grave and Lucifer’s fallen are lining up to help, Lilith has control for now and has come prepared to take everything Emma loves and destroy it. ” Because you possess everything she wants. Power, beauty, having a bond… but her greatest envy comes from the unconditional love and loyalty between you your family and friends. She craves it and will try and strip it all away from you.”

Great YA novel, with twist and turns. Definitely not a standalone though. Would I recommend it, absolutely.

“Have faith”, he whispered lightly in my ear. I sighed. I don’t know if I remember what it is” “Faith is the light that guided us in the Darkness.”
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