You Only (You Only, Book 1)You Only by Melanie Jayne
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In every fairy tale story, it’s always a damsel in distress running to her prince, who will save her and make her life better. Well how about one where the damsel is a princess who is running away from not only her castle but her prince as well.

Only You by Melanie Jayne is the first book of a new series called, The Cameron Farm. This book is about a young woman, Hale Cameron who left her town without anyone knowing but her father. After fourteen years she returns as a new and better person, but doesn’t get a welcome back that she expects. Instead she gets hostility from not only the town people but her ex-fiancé Finn Webber.

“Do you ever wonder what our life would have been like together?’ Finn’s question cut through the calm of the evening. She felt her stomach drop.

“No,” she answered immediately then paused. “Wait, that’s a lie. Yes, I have, but I don’t like to.” She looked away from him, scrambling to control her breathing.

“Why’s that?” She snuck a look at him and he wasn’t looking at her. He was staring at his hands in his lap. She chose her words carefully.

“At first, when I did, the pain was so strong that it would make me sick to my stomach. I learned to avoid thinking about us so that I didn’t have to feel that ache.” She stilled the swing and watched him. Sweat broke out along her back.

“I’ve always wondered.” He raised his eyes to hers. “It’s good to know that you weren’t such a cold hearted bitch that you never cared or looked back.”

Seeing Hale has brought back many feeling for Finn; longing, confusing, as well as anger and hatred. Finn wants nothing to do with Hale, but to find out why she left him, and if she was planning on staying for good. Determine to get answers, nothing will prevent him from hearing the absolute truth. Not even if she breaks down and cries.

The book starts off a little slow, but it gets really juicy the farther in you go. Reading the book has given me mix feeling. I couldn’t believe the way Hale was being treated. I even felt angry at her close friends for things that was done. But the more you read the more you find out that things may not seem as you think. This series has now become one of my favorites and the authors does an amazing job in portraying the relationship between the two. I love the aggressiveness and slickness of Finn and the sweetness and surprising spunk of Hale. I often found myself imagining what they were like when they were much younger. Once you complete the book you’ll most likely be like me and preorder the next book to this series, You Always. The book is supposed to come out sometime this winter.
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